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Croatia Boat Show – Boat Sales Dry Up

The 15th International Croatia Boat Show has opened in Split, where hundreds of boats from more than 10 countries will be exhibited until 23 April.

Croatia Boat Show organiser Vicenco Blagaic has announced that due to the global economic crisis this year’s Croatia Boat Show is the smallest in the last 5 years, with some exhibitors not selling a single boat in the last two years.

Boat sales in Croatia have almost come to a halt in recent times as buyers find it increasingly more difficult to gain finance through the banks. Bosko Ercegovac from the Ministry of Maritime, Transport and Infrastructure said that in 2012 Croatia earnt around 800 million euros from the nautical sector with 60,000 foreign yachts and boats visiting Croatian shores. Nautical tourism makes up 10% of Croatia’s tourism income.

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