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Croatia Below EU Internet Access Average

CroatiaCroatia fell well below the European Union average in 2013 when it came to the number of households with internet access, according to data released from Eurostat…

In 2013 79% of households in the European Union had internet access, with 76% of them having access to broadband internet. Croatia fell 14 percentage points below the EU average with 65% of households in the country having access to the net. The ratio of those with broadband access was high, with 64% out of 65% having access.

In Croatia, 53% of individuals used the Internet daily, 10% at least once a week, while 29% never used the internet at all this year. There were plenty of other nations below Croatia however, only 54% of households have the internet in Bulgaria,  56% in Greece and 58% in Romania. At the top end of the scale, Netherlands with 95%, 94% in Luxembourg and Denmark and Sweden with 93% topped the list.

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