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Croatia Becomes First Free Reading Zone Country in the World

Croatia becomes the first Free Reading Zone country in the world

Croatia becomes the first Free Reading Zone country in the world

In September we reported that Zagreb’s Velvet Cafe became the world’s first Free Reading Zone (FREZ) cafe – allowing guests to read books from all around the world without restrictions or interruptions.

Now Croatia has become the first country in the world that is an entirely Free Reading Zone. Croatia Reads says that Croatia has become a complete Virtual Library.

People can now log in to the virtual library from anywhere inside Croatia’s borders and access more than 100,000 books in a number of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Croatian for free. There is no need for any special code or membership cards.

To access the digital library one just needs to download the free Croatia Reads app, which is available on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, and sign in and read away.




Croatia Reads’ virtual library consists of around 100,000 quality books from the world’s top publishers, available in various languages and spanning a wide-range of topics and categories, from fiction and creative nonfiction to spirituality and health; from travel and cooking to history and politics; from arts and humanities to science and technology.

“It’s a pleasure and an honour to inform citizens of Croatia and visitors these holidays that they can read plenty of books for free from all around the world, in various languages”, Croatia Reads said.

The technology is powered by ebook service Total Boox, which makes ebooks instantly available, with no limits or interruptions.

(Good Reads)

(Good Reads)

What is FREZ?

The Free Reading Zones project was established in America and converts a variety of public and private spaces such as parks, hospitals, trains, buses, airports or schools into a zone where unlimited reading for free is made possible. The zone offers users completely free access to books from around the world. Authors are paid for each reading which is sponsored.

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