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Croatia Among Hottest Places to Visit in 2014


croatia (2)Croatia has been amongst the best 14 countries to visit in 2014 by Australian portal Business Insider..

Looking at major developments, cultural trends, and global festivals, Business Insider  has listed Croatia as the 7th hottest place to travel to in 2014.

Over the past few years, Croatia has been attracting more and more tourists, but now that it’s officially a member of the European Union it’s about to undergo a serious tourist boom. Travelers love the famous beaches, gorgeous views of the Adriatic coast, historic architecture, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Croatia is also famous for its fresh Mediterranean-style food and wine. And best of all: It’s still one of the cheapest destinations in Europe — especially if you avoid the peak tourist season in July and August, wrote Business Insider.

Cuba, Bangkok, Iceland, Tel Aviv, The Great Barrier Reef, Berlin and Nicaragua were some of the other hot spots listed for 2014.

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