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Croatia Airlines makes face masks mandatory on all flights from 4 May

(Photo credit: Croatia Airlines/A.Grubelic)

ZAGREB, 2 May 2020 (Hina) –  From 4 May, the use of protective masks or face covers are mandatory on all Croatia Airlines flights.

Following the decisions and instructions of public health and civil aviation authorities, the company has taken this protective measure to reduce the potential risk of coronavirus transmission during the summer, according to a statement from Croatia’s national carrier on Saturday.

Under the new measure, passengers are required to turn up for flights with face masks or face covers and use them throughout their stay on the plane. Acceptable face covers include two-layer cotton face masks, medical (surgical) face masks, and filter half masks with and without valves.

In order to protect the health of passengers and staff, the company continues to implement many other measures already implemented. Cabin crew members who come in direct contact with passengers and ground staff are provided with adequate protective equipment, aircraft are disinfected daily, routine hygiene measures are carried out during regular cleaning of the passenger cabin and various disinfectants are available to staff.

Croatia Airlines also points out that aircraft are equipped with high-quality air purifying filters in the passenger compartment, which is supplied from the atmosphere with constant flow and the air in the passenger compartment circulates vertically.

Starting May 11, partial renewal of flights

From May 11, Croatia Airlines begins partial renewal of flights within Croatia by introducing two daily flights (morning and evening) on the Zagreb – Split – Zagreb and Zagreb – Dubrovnik – Zagreb routes, and the new measure of wearing face masks also applies to the only international flights operated on the daily Zagreb – Frankfurt – Zagreb route.

Since the beginning of the epidemiological crisis, no cases of contagion have been reported on Croatia Airlines flights, and the airline states that they will continue to adapt to the current situation and official decisions and instructions of public health and regulatory bodies.

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