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Croatia a Hit Among Young Brits – Ultra to Last 7 Days Next Year

Croatia50With unemployment rates in the UK at their lowest levels since the economic crisis started in 2008, the Brits have began to travel again in their droves. One in seven Brits this year travelled at least once somewhere for a minimum of seven nights, and it seems Croatia was the choice for many…

Once again the Brits came to Croatia in large numbers this year, with 414,000 visiting since 1 January, the impressive double-digit growth (10% up from last year) is expected to continue next year also. These statistics were presented on Monday in London at the world’s largest tourist fair – World Travel Market.

“British tourists are the best spenders in Croatia, even ahead of the Russians. On average they spend 127 euros each (daily),” said Minister of Tourism Darko Lorencin at the World Travel Market.

Croatia also presented itself at the UK fair as a festival destination, with the music festivals such as Ultra Europe, Hideout, and now Ibiza Rocks popular festivals among Brits. Around 20% of Ultra Europe’s crowd arrives from the UK, with organisers saying that next year the festival will stretch to seven days (including after parties on the islands) and increase the number of overnight stays in Split by more than 100,000.

Lorencin added that Croatia has gained a completely new tourism segment through the popularity of its music festivals, and said that those coming for festivals would remember their stay in Croatia and come back one day for a different type of holiday with their families.

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