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Croatia A Beer Not A Wine Nation

Although renowned for its long tradition of producing top quality wines and with an image as a “vino” country, those involved in the industry say that Croatia has in fact become a beer nation, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

President of the Winemakers Society in Dalmatia Zelimir Basic, says that wine makers have lost the battle with the breweries as they invade the beverage industry in Croatia.

“Beer has made an invasion on the Croatian spender, it has turned, and it has been the most sought after drop of alcohol for a while now. Even in Dalmatian, where there is no tradition of beer drinking. The consequences may mean that our traditions and identity may be lost,” said a concerned Basic.

On all TV stations in Croatia, on prime time spots in the evening, beer commercials dominate TV advertising. The beer industry has power behind it in Croatia, with a lot of money and powerful lobbies, who even banned advertising of wine on the local market.

“For a long time it has been a fact that the state has had incorrect relations towards wine as a beverage, and even banned its advertising in public media. Whilst on the other hand breweries, via TV adverts, are in homes all over Croatia. Nothing changed when wine was listed as a food item and bans were lifted on its advertising, as the beer industry had advanced so much in that time,” said Basic.

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