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Croat Writes First Ever “Bottle Collectors” Guide

Croat Drazen Perusic lives off what others throw away, and he couldn’t be happier. Drazen Perusic collects refundable bottles from rubbish bins and containers from around the city of Pozega in eastern Croatia.

Perusic, who is known in his home town as “Boca” (Bottle), is not the only Croatian living off collecting refundable bottles, and the Pozega resident has written the first ‘bottle collectors’ guide in Croatia to spread the word and give advice about the profession.

“In your town there are people who collect bottles from bins and containers. We respect you. You understand us,” writes Perusic in the guide. “I do not feel like I am an embarrassment. I am more worried that someone will ban me,” Perusic , who has been a “professional” bottle collector for six years already, tells RTL television.

Perusic goes hunting in the towns bins and containers everyday rain, hail or snow without fail for three hours, his only holidays are Christmas and Easter. Perusic donates some of his bigger finds such as clothes and cosmetics to poor families in the area.

Perusic has published 400 copies of his bottle collecting guide, which has three basic tips for budding bottle collectors.1. Forget your reputation and dignity. 2. Get a tetanus injection and 3.Prepare your stomach for some horrible smells.

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