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Croat Student A Successful Entrepenuer At Just 20

A young Croatian student, who says he always had the entrepreneurial bug in him, is beginning to make waves in the Croatian business scene after pursuing an idea that now sees him employing staff in five of Croatia’s largest towns.

21-year-old Mihael Arlovic from Zagreb was just 20 when he came up with his business idea by chance. “I was reading an article in the newspaper about the large-scale “underground economy” in the field of Tutoring. That made me think,” said Michael to dnevnik.hr, who after contemplating the idea for a while decided to take a chance.

“Honestly, I always wanted to be an entrepeneur, I wanted to create something new of worth, open up new jobs and be useful for all society,” continues Mihael, whose company offers tuition to students preparing for exams at an affordable rate.

Arlovic says that he is currently looking to employ a further 30 workers for his company as demand from students increases. The young Croat has a lot on his plate at the moment, juggling his business and his own studies at the same time, and he says that it does not leave him with much spare time.

“With university and my job, I have no spare time. Honestly, at times with all the bureaucracy and all the other problems that come with business, I would ask myself do I need this, but when I see the results behind me then it makes me happy,” concluded Mihael.

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