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Croat Plays Role in Breaking Bad’s Incredible Success

Breaking-BadWhen the cult American series Breaking Bad reached its final conclusion on AMC in the US on Sunday night after 5 seasons and 16 episodes to record audiences, there was one man particularly sad to see the show end – Breaking Bad’s Croat Music Supervisor Thomas Golubić.

Boston-born Golubić, who has produced the music for countless hit TV series such as Six Feet Under and The Killing, has Croatian heritage which he is particularly proud of, even insisting the diacritic mark above the ‘c’ on his surname remains on the shows closing credits. Golubić says that the show’s success was due to the chemistry between its two main characters, Bryan Cranston (Walter White) and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), and his role as music supervisor was to lighten the mood through music selection in what was an otherwise ‘twisted series’. Golubić’s masterful music selection, ranging from Afro-Cuban to Folk, setting the mood beautifully in what has been labeled as the best TV series of all time. Baby Blue’s Badfinger was Golubić choice for the show ending finale.

Breaking Bad's Music Supervisor Thomas Golubić

Breaking Bad’s Music Supervisor Thomas Golubić

Golubić got involved with Breaking Bad thanks to the shows producer Christina Wayne, who liked his work on Six Feet Under and invited him to be part of the project. Thomas did not forget his Croatian roots whilst compiling music for the series, Croatian surf band The Bambi Molesters instrumental hit “Chaotica” featured in episode 12 of the 5th season. Now living in Los Angles, Golubić, who was a L.A radio DJ and programmer before he became a big time music supervisor, has even done some work in Croatia, including producing and performing events at the Dubrovnik International Film Festival.

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