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Croat Outraged As €1.15 Bank Debt Turns Into €2,250 Nightmare

A Croatian man is left fuming after discovering that a 8.66 kuna (1.15 euro) debt from over 20 years ago with a bank has now escalated into a massive 17,000 kuna (2,250 euro) debt, reports 24sata.

Slavko Marusic, from Zemunik near Zadar on Croatia’s Adriatic coast, got a shock when he discovered that 600 kuna (80 euro) was missing from his last pension payment. When he made enquiries about the missing money, Marusic was informed that the money was being deducted because of a debt he had incurred from the bank from 1989.

After Marusic’s house was demolished during the war, he received no notification that his original debt of 8.66 kuna (1.15 euro) was being pursued, with interest, by the banks legal team. Marusic was told that the debt, because of interest over the years, is now 17,000 kuna (2,250 euro).

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