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Croat Oldest Tennis Player on ATP Tour

RitzThe honour of being the oldest singles tennis player on the ATP Tour belongs to a Croatian, 41-year-old Krešimir Ritz…

Ritz, who had a career high ATP ranking of 811 in 1999, currently has a singles ranking of 1,320 on the ATP list and says he will keep playing the game at that level as long as his health lets him.

“What do (opponents) say when they see me? They always under-estimate me. They laugh, are shocked and always ask why I do not have a serious job,” said Ritz, who is from the capital Zagreb, adding that he is enjoying life on the tour which is made possible due to the fact that he is not married and has no kids.

“My way of earning money is unconventional, and many put pressure on me by asking when will I find a normal job. I know it is not a lot of money, but for me it is enough,” Ritz told 24sata.

Ritz, who has traveled the world playing tennis for the last 25 years, says that in his younger days he has faced the likes of Goran Ivanišević, Ivan Ljubičić and Yevgeny Kafelnikov. (Foto: Archiv – avanti)

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