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Croat Loses Leg In India

From the believe it or not files. Indian news portal MiD DAY have reported a bizarre story about a 56-year-old Croatian national who was found missing half his leg in India earlier this week.

The story, titled “From Goa to Mumbai Croatian loses leg” has made the portal’s top stories of the week and details how the man, identified as Marcel Koprivic, was found by Indian police on the brink of consciousness near railway tracks in Roha – 100km south-east of Mumbai missing a leg and his passport.

Indian police brought Koprivic to a Mumbai hospital but could not get him to divulge his name until he told MiD DAY reporters who he was and that he had been in India since 1995 “on vacation”.

“I came to India first in 1995 and have been living in Goa ever since. I remember staying in the Temple Gardens resort and was recently mugged by four or five unknown people. They stole my bag, which had my passport in it. I do have a copy of my passport in my e-mail,” Koprivic said, saying that he had no recollection of any railway accident and that all he remembers was setting off for a walk from Goa, where he had been on holiday for the last five years.

“I am a tourist and have been luxuriating in my time off here. I came here alone. My brother and daughter live in Croatia.”

Koprivcic is currently in a stable condition in a Mumbai hospital and was due to have surgery overnight.

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