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Croat Invents “Chain Shoes”


With more than half a metre of snow forecast to fall in Croatia this week, accident and emergency clinics are again expected to have their hands full. With every wave of snow comes a large number of injuries from falls on the dangerously slippery ice left behind. Sometimes alcohol is the cause, but a majority of cases are the result of footwear. Car tyres have chains to help with grip and now shoes will have the same protection thanks to an invention from Croat Nedzad Devovic.

Devovic has invented the shoes with a built on “chain” for the sole to enhance grip in testing conditions. Devovic, who comes from the city of Pula in Croatia, has won bronze medals for his invention at fairs in Bucharest and Nuremberg and a silver medal in Croatia. His patent is protected with the State Intellectual Property Office in Zagreb, reported Glas Istre.

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