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Croat Cuts Off Tyre and Continues to Croatia from Sweden on 3 Wheels

A 78-year-old Croat has caused havoc on the roads in Austria when he drove with just three wheels on his car, after he cut the fourth tyre off when it became flat.

photo: Slobodna Dalmacija

photo: Slobodna Dalmacija

Police closed the Gleinalm tunnel after stopping the Croat, who was driving to Croatia through Austria from Sweden, with his possessions in his car, when they noticed on the tunnel’s security surveillance that the car had no rear left wheel. According to media reports, the man had got a flat tyre not midway through his journey, but because he had a fridge in the boot of his car, he could not unload it to get the spare tyre so just cut off the flat one instead with a hacksaw. Beside damage to the tunnel in Austria, the elderly Croat also reportedly caused damage to a ramp in Germany by driving on the cars rims.

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