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Croat Closer to Nailing ‘Best Jaunt Around the World”

CroatiaSelf-confessed travel nut Tomislav Perko is one step closer to landing what is being  labelled as the “The Best Jaunt Around the World!”.

Perko is the only Croatian to advance into the final phase of the competition for the job of Jauntaroo’s Chief World Explorer. Tomislav has made it into the final 50 and is currently leading voting with over 800 votes more than the second placed candidate. The top 5 will then be taken to a secret location for interviews before the winner is announced. Travel-planning aid and self-proclaimed “vacation matchmaker” website Jauntaroo is looking for a Chief World Explorer — aka the “best jaunt around the world” and will pay the lucky winner $100,000.00 to travel the globe for one year visiting destinations and sharing experiences and creating content for Jauntaroo.

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