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Crime Rate in Decline

Croatia60Croatia’s Internal Affairs Minister Ranko Ostojić has announced on Monday that in 2013 there was a decline in the number of criminal offences committed in the country, putting Croatia among the countries with a very low number of criminal offences per 100,000 citizens…

Last year were 61,151 criminal charges laid in Croatia, down from 70,545 in 2012. The statistics put Croatia among some of the safest countries in Europe, with 1,463 offences per 100,000 citizens. Also down were the number of homicides committed last year, down 10 from the 2012 to 41 last year. Of the 41 homicides, 36 cases had been solved last year.

Car theft had also decreased in 2013, down to 1,035 stolen cars reported last year. The number of stolen cars which were recovered also increased by 2.5%, with Ostojić praising Croatia’s efforts as it had the second best rate in the EU in that department. Also on the decline was the number of people killed on the roads in Croatia – down from 393 in 2012 to 368 last year.

Illegal immigration dropped by 30% last year, whilst the number of offences connected to organised crime was also on the decline. White collar crime had increased however in 2013 by 5.4%, whilst the number of drug seizures was also up 10.84%.

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