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Creating Authentic Zagreb Souvenirs Project Launched

Piece of Zagreb (Komadić Zagreba), a project dedicated to discovering new ways of thinking and creating authentic Zagreb souvenirs, organized by Design Centre Zagreb and Zagreb Tourist Board, will be presented for the first time within the upcoming edition of Design District Zagreb festival, which will be held from 13th to 18th June 2017.

Partnered with Zagreb Tourist Board, the non-profit association Design Centre Zagreb (DCZ) has issued a public call for new Zagreb souvenirs proposals. The project Piece of Zagreb/Komadić Zagreba is dedicated to discovering new ways of thinking and creating authentic Zagreb souvenirs with the help of the interdisciplinary approach characteristic of design.

The project aims at creating the first systematic collection of designer Zagreb souvenirs, which will continuously grow and be periodically updated through future public calls.

The organizer wishes to build the collection in a participative manner, guided by professional criteria and inspired by good practices in the field.

The aim is to contribute to connecting the entire community interested in innovative and contemporary, visual and material communication of the city’s spirit and character with local manufacturers and entrepreneurs in tourism.

Zagreb (photo credit: Sandra Tralic)

The project wants to significantly contribute to achieving closer cooperation between the different professions towards which design is directed due to its interdisciplinary nature, as well as to start the creation of a body of knowledge related to the phenomenon of souvenirs in the context of Zagreb.

As a fresh aspect of tourism promotion in Zagreb, the project aims at further increasing Zagreb’s visibility at the European level, opening new communication channels and bringing new specificities in the native local material and spiritual culture.

The public call is intended for professional designers, design students, applied artists, craftspeople and all other producers of material culture creating in Zagreb and belonging to the local creative community in the widest sense. The prize money of HRK 43,000 is distributed between three awards and seven recognitions.

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