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Controversial Croatian Island Up for Sale Again

CroatiaHave a lazy 2 million euros spare and not sure what to do with it? If you do then that is all it will take for you to own your own island in Croatia’s Adriatic Sea.

Daksa, which is a small uninhabited island situated near Dubrovnik in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, has gone on the market for sale. It is not the first time that the 0.07 km2 island has gone on the market however, with it failing to attract interest back in 2003 when it first went up for sale for 6 million USD. This time around its current owners, Nila Perica Dušilo Florshutz and Franica Dušilo Cavich, are asking 2 million euros after the Dubrovnik District Council decided against buying it at a meeting on Saturday.

Daska however, has had a chequered past and may be part of the reason why there has been little interest. The island was the site of the Daksa massacre upon Yugoslav partisans entrance of Dubrovnik in late October 1944. The mayor of Dubrovnik Niko Koprivica was among those executed. In September 2009, authorities discovered the remains of six victims in the area.Soon after this, the Daksa 1944/45 Association announced that 48 bodies were discovered on the island. The president of the Croatian Helsinki Committee Ivo Banac called for an investigation into what exactly occurred during the massacre.

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