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Company For €1.30 Euro: Bakeries And Hairdressers Take Advantage

There has not been the expected rush from Croatian citizens to set up companies, that both surveys and the media predicted, now that the a new law has kicked in removing the large costs involved. Only 17 applications have come in the first week since new Croatian laws made it possible to open up a simple limited liability company in Croatia with just “10 kuna” capital (1.30 euro), instead of around 3,000 euros which it was in the past.

Not one application was received on the first day when the new law took effect, and since only 17 people have taken advantage of the new law. Administration costs makes the whole process total just over 100 euros, significantly lower than what it used to be.

Bakeries, Hairdressers and hospitality and tourism ventures were the most common types of businesses out of the 17 which have opened, reports Tportal

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