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Colourful Croatian Sex Columnist (92) Releases Another Book

Well-known Croatian fashion stylist and columnist Zuzi Jelinek has released her 10th book at the age of 92. 

The legendary holocaust survivor, who has been dishing out relationship and sex advice for the last two decades via her columns, presented her new book ‘Živjeli muškarci’ (Cheers, Men) yesterday in Zagreb.

“I love men, and I advise women, lie to them, act like they are the best lovers in the world,” the lively 92-year-old who is lives in Zagreb with her fourth husband was quoted as saying during the release of her book “‘Mijenjaju li se muškarci’ (Are Men Changing) in 2011.
When Jelinek was 17-year-old she began to work in Paris as a seamstress in a factory of Nina Ricci. While in Paris, Jelinek met Coco Chanel, for whom she briefly worked.

A few years ago Jelinek received an offer from Steven Spielberg who wanted to make a film about her life, because he heard the story of a single Jewish woman during the Holocaust who risked her life to save her parents. Jelinek declined the offer.

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