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College Life: Tips & Tricks for RIT Croatia Freshmen Students (Part 2)

By Angela Madjer, Croatian gal from Chicago and RIT Croatia Alumna (Class of 2018)

Dear Class of 2022,

Hope your first week of officially being an RIT Tiger exceeded your expectations and the tips from last week helped. Let’s keep the helpful tips and tricks rolling. This time, let’s take an even further look into the semester with a big event that RIT students look forward to each and every year.

  1. RIT is known for its career-oriented education. Start early!

RIT makes it mandatory to complete 800 – 1,200 hours of co-ops related to your field of study. Take early action and see what interests you the most and what field you would like to try out and speak to your Career Advisers to learn more! There is no better feeling than to complete a co-op and be able to incorporate everything you learned into assignments and projects. 

Tip: Don’t wait until the last minute to decide where you’ll complete your co-op. Career education day, RIT Croatia’s career fair organized for its students exclusively is a perfect place to network and introduce yourself to companies that you potentially see yourself working at! 

  1. Time flies when you’re having fun. How to optimize your academic schedule to fit in a job on campus! 

There are many opportunities to work on campus to fill up your day and make it as productive as possible. Be sure to check out what open opportunities there are at your campus for a chance to be able to cover some of your living expenses!

Tip: Working on campus is fun and it gives students the opportunity to get to know the university better and to meet more fellow students. 

  1. Only you know where your comfortable place is – where are you the most efficient? 

There is no such thing as an “easy A”. Find a relaxing and peaceful place that you can really put in 100% effort into whatever it may be that you are studying. 

Tip: RIT Croatia campuses provide their students with studying spaces around campus to motivate and assist students with proper facilities. Use them before and after class, and of course if you have a good gap between classes. 

  1. My personal planner was my best friend throughout the past four years! 

Whether you decide to have a physical personal planner or electronic planner in your phone or laptop, the first thing that every incoming freshman should do is, add all deadlines and exam dates from your syllabus! There are going to be so many new things that you are going to want to try and be a part of, get organized and remember time management is one of the biggest lessons you’ll learn as a college student. 

Tip: Now that you’re a college student and are considered a responsible adult, make sure to keep track of all deadlines that approach you; know when assignment and projects are due, as well as when your next quiz or exam is. 

  1. Me time – As much fun as it is to study, take time for yourself and don’t forget to keep in touch!

Academics are important and should be one of your top priorities, but don’t forget about your “me” time! Enjoy your college journey with friends, family and remember to take care of yourself. Always be in touch with your family and let them know how your college experience is, I bet they can’t wait to hear all about it!

Tip: Whether it be grabbing coffee with the new friends you’ve made, video chatting with your family or taking an afternoon nap, make sure that you have things in your daily schedule that makes you happy and let you decompress!

Enjoy your first semester and don’t forget to use as many tips and tricks as possible. Being an RIT Tiger is an amazing ride, but don’t feel afraid to accept help wherever it is offered. The most important tip for me personally was knowing that the RIT staff, fellow colleagues and alumni were by my side throughout my 4 years and even to this day! 

Yours truly,




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