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VIDEO: Coldplay Select Another Croat In Their Top25!

Another young Croatian musician features in the top 25 music videos rated by legendary British band Coldplay on their official website.

Tomislav Tenodi, known as “Tommz”, is the second Croat to make the list with his inspirational music video titled “Thank you”. The 21-year-old talented Croatian, who studied piano at the Albert Striga Music School and whose style encompasses jazz, RnB and minimalism, has taken part in a large number of piano competitions in Croatia including the International competition of musical youth for X. Lions Grand Prix and the Croatian competition of pupils and students of music and dance.

Tenodi, who lives in Zagreb, follows in the footsteps of fellow Croatian Nikola Vranic, who made the list with his song “Man With The Magnificent Mind”. The future of the Croatian music scene looks bright with Coldplay recognising these two youngsters.

Watch “Tommz” video Coldplay rated so highly here: http://www.youtube.com/user/zmmoT

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