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Close to 10% More Tourists Visit Croatia at Start of 2016

Bol (photo: croatia.hr)

Bol (photo: croatia.hr)

Everything is pointing to another record tourist year in Croatia…

With more flight connections than ever, unstable political situations in a number of competitor destinations, and more and more quality promotion around the world, Croatia looks set to pass 15 million tourists for the first time this year.

The Croatian Statistics Bureau have now released tourism data from January and the figures also back up the record-year forecast. In January 2016 there were 8.8% more tourists staying at accommodation in Croatia than there were in the same period last year. Overnight stays, which are a key measure in the tourism industry, were also up – 9.5%.

There were 156,000 tourists in January who created 396,700 overnight stays. 84,100 of the tourists were foreign, which was growth of 8%. They made up 209,000 of the total overnight stays, up 10% from last year. Local tourists made up 72,000 of the total and 188,000 of the overnight stay, which was growth of 9.6 and 8%.

247,000 of the 396,700 overnight stays were created at hotels, which was growth of 8% from January 2015. In second place were apartments with hostels in third place.

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