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City of Koprivnica Celebrates 660th Birthday

Koprivnica (photo credit: Ana_Tao Instagram)

Koprivnica (photo credit: Ana_Tao Instagram)

The northern Croatian city of Koprivnica is celebrating its 660th birthday.

Located in the heart of Podravina, Koprivnica was first mentioned in 1272 in a document by prince László IV and declared a free royal town by king Lajos I 660 years ago in 1356. The city has flourished as a trading place and a military fortress.

(photo credit: Mihovilhrgovic/Under CC)

(photo credit: Mihovilhrgovic/Under CC)

Located at a strategic location – on the slopes of Bilogora and Kalnik from the south and river Drava from the north – Its position enabled it to develop numerous functions for the wider area such as trade, crafts and administration and in the 13th century Koprivnica became a town settlement.


(photo credit: Moddazk/Under CC)

Koprivnica was named after the brook with the same name, which was first mentioned at the beginning of the 13th century during the Hungarian Kingdom. In the 14th century, the town settlement further developed due to increased trade.

In the second half of the 17th century Koprivnica was among the most developed royal towns in Croatian-Slavonian Kingdom and its economic growth was in the first place based on strong trade activity.

(photo credit: Croq/Under CC)

(photo credit: Croq/Under CC)

Koprivnica developed significantly in the 20th century with the arrival of Podravka food industry, known worldwide for its Vegeta spice. There is even a museum of Podravka in the city. Many of the Croatian greatest naïve artists come from the villages along the Drava in this county, notably Ivan Generalić.

Koprivnica is the home of Vegeta

Koprivnica is the home of Vegeta

Koprivnica today, which has a population of around 30,000, is one of just 7 European cities with a ISO certificate and has the title of the one of the leading smart cities in the region with a reputation of impressive economic growth.

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