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Church Apologises For Playboy Friar

The Church has finally spoken out about playboy Friar Sime Nimac, who was reported missing with over one million euros in cash after selling off land that belonged to the church in the Dalmatian town of Baska Voda.

“Sime Nimac withdrew in cash a total of 9,817,656.92 kuna (1.3 million euros) from the account. 2.363.156,92 kuna on 24 May 2012, 3,000,000.00 kuna on 29 May 2012 and 4,454,500.00 kuna on 2 July 2012,” revealed the Church, adding that procedures where underway to remove Nimac from the fraternity, reported Jutarnji list.

The Church also apologised for what they say was Nimac’s “insatiable ego”. Nimac had a reputation for being a playboy who enjoyed fast cars, expensive clothes and women.

Nimac found investors and sold the land after the church were refused permits from the Split-Makarska diocese to expand the existing St.Nicholas Church in Baska Voda. Nimac’s father told reporters that he had not since his son for over two weeks.

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