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Chocolate with čvarci sells out in record time

Kraš creates chocolate with čvarci pieces

Dorina with čvarci (Photo: Kraš/Facebook)

Chocolate with pieces of čvarci (pork scratchings), created by Croatia’s leading confectionery company Kraš, have sold out in record time.

Kraš brand Dorina launched a limited edition of the new novelty chocolate last weekend after an April Fool’s joke turned serious. 

After posting a photo on April 1st of the new chocolate with čvarci, fans reacted positively leading Kraš to make it a reality. 

“You asked for it and you got it! Dorina Čvarak is really here. Due to the large number of positive comments, we decided to take it a step further,” Kraš said last week, revealing the the limited edition Dorina Čvarak would be sold at Kraš Choco&Café on Zagreb’s Ban Jelačić square this past weekend. 

Again to Kraš’ surprise, customers turned out in droves to get their hands on the unique chocolate. 

“Thank you for your support and loyalty! We did not expect this even in our dreams! Dorina Čvarak’s limited edition sold out in record time,” Kraš said, with some more good news for fans who missed out.  

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Those who turned up to Kraš Choco&Café but missed out on getting a bar but put themselves on the waiting list, Kraš will specially make a bar of Dorina Čvarak for them.

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