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Cheapest Beer in Ukraine, Croats 7th Biggest Consumers

CroatiaThe Czechs drink the most beer per head of population, 419 bottles per person a year, whilst Croats are in 7th place on the list, sinking 242 bottles annually per person, according to Finances Online in-depth beer infographic…

According to the report, the cheapest beer in the world can be found in the Ukraine and Vietnam, where half of litre of the local drop costs just $0.59 USD. Cambodia was in second place at $0.68 USD for 500ml of local beer, whilst the most expensive nation was Iran, where beer costs $7.71 for a half a litre. Some of the most expensive countries included, Kuwait, UAE, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Norway, Qatar and Australia.

The Australians spend the most on the amber liquid, on average $747 per person a year, followed by the Irish ($688). Three of the top four most sold beer brands in the world are Chinese. The top-selling brand was Snow Beer, selling 75 million barrels a year, followed by Tsingtao and Budweiser. Check out the infographic via Finances Online.

Finances Online


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