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Canada Closes Door On Dodgy Croatian Asylum Seekers By Giving It “Safe” Status

The Canadian government has announced new measures to crack down on “fake” asylum seekers from the EU, USA and Croatia.

According to official statistics from the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Office, Croatia is 6th on the list with the most amount of citizens seeking asylum in Canada, but now the Canadian government are closing up loop holes in the system.

Canada has now decided to designate countries in the EU, including Hungary, except for Romania and Bulgaria, plus the US and Croatia as “safe” nations.

Asylum seekers from those “safe” countries will get 30 to 45 rather than the “regular” 60 days to present their cases to the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).They will not have the right to appeal to the newly created Refugee Appeal Division. Nor will the Federal Court be able to stay their removal while it reviews IRB decisions.

“False immigrants up until now could spend a few years in Canada, receiving health care and social services, at the expense of the tax-payers, whilst their status was being determined,” said Canadian Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney.

The Roma people in Hungary topped the list of those escaping for Canada, followed by China, Pakistan, North Korea, India and then Croatia. With Croatia’s small population it is even more surprising to see the numbers seeking asylum. Croatia, with its 4 million people, had 510 people this year seek asylum, whilst India, with 1.2 billion people, had 534.

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