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Can you learn Croatian in one summer?

Can you learn Croatian in one summer?

Most probably you can not, but you can start communicating and having simple conversations in Croatian by taking a summer intensive online Croatian language course.

We talked to prof.Mihaela Naletilić, from CRO to go  – Croatian language school, about her vision and experience in learning Croatian as a foreign language.

CRO to go is a Croatian language school located in Croatia, but teaching Croatian as a foreign language ONLINE all over the world –  which offers students the opportunity to learn Croatian from the comfort of their home or office.

Learning Croatian should be simple and fun – just like child’s play, says prof.Mihaela.

In CRO to go they have online courses for students of all age, but they are especially proud of their CROkids program. Croatian language courses fit for children age 6 to 14. 

– What makes us really happy in CRO to go is when our little students are happy and proud because during their summer vacations – they will be able to talk Croatian with their grandma or grandpa in Croatia! – says prof. Naletilić.

Can you learn Croatian in one summer?

– When I first started teaching Croatian as a foreign language, I found that learning materials that were available for learning were to complicated and most of the time not interesting enough for the students. Learning Croatian is a challenge itself  and making it even more difficult with a complicated approach and learning materials – was simply not my teaching style.

CRO to go Croatian language learning program is simple, effective and fun, and has proven to be successful with students of different learning levels and ages all over the world.

Today she is no longer an active teacher, but is head of CRO to go school where she works with 6 Croatian language teachers, all educated to work on online courses with students from age to 6 to 75.

Do you miss working in classroom? 

– Always. I believe being a teacher is not just a job, it is something that you are born with, something in your soul. But, also I feel very proud that I was able to give my experience and teaching methods to other teachers in CRO to go, who work very successfully with children and adults. 

Can you learn Croatian in one summer?

How important is the role of teacher is online courses and how do you assign certain teacher to a certain student? 

– Everything you teach you can make incredibly interesting and incredibly boring. The role of the teacher is crucial. The quality program and material that we work by is a base to build the lessons on, but teacher is a key person who brings life end meaning to that material.

This is why we make a point in CRO to go to have only teachers who know how to teach creatively interesting and lively. Also it is very important to recognize which teacher can work with which student.

There are excellent teachers who do amazing lessons with adult students, but are not performing well with children. And the other way around. The key is to recognize the style of each teacher. 

Can you learn Croatian in one summer?

And finally, we asked prof.Naletilić:  What is the key of success in learning a language? 

– A good program, an excellent teacher and student’s personal motivation and persistence. First two ingredients we most certainly have – the third is up to you. Come learn Croatian with us in CRO to go – and prove yourself that – you can and will learn Croatian! 

More information on CRO to go online lessons can be found at www.crotogo.hr or contact on: [email protected]

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