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Bundekfest Launches With Hot Air Balloons

Croatia1Bundekfest, in its third year, kicked off in Zagreb on Thursday. The star of the show so far is Zagreb’s International Balloon Festival, sponsored by RWE Energy and taking place at Bundekfest through Sunday the 28th…

Zagreb Balloon Club, behind the balloon festival, is introducing the world of hot air ballooning to festival-goers not only through flights which are delightful to see up above but also through workshops on the ground and in actual balloons for the youngest of visitors as well as with free test flights up into the air (10 m.) for festival visitors of all ages. After night falls the balloons continue to glow for a magical illumination show.

Bundekfest has this year again brought together some of Croatia’s favorite musical performers, including Hladno pivo, Psihomodo Pop, and Let 3. For kids, there is a proper miniature amusement park in place at Bundek, with rides and lights and trampolines and candy as far as the eye can see. You can find the staples of festival food in Croatia – sausages, hot dogs and fritule – every few steps you go as long as you don’t get distracted by the street performers and their painted faces making their way through the crowds while juggling clubs or straddling stilts.
One of this year’s most anticipated shows at Bundekfest is the performance of the theater piece Spektakluk, which is only for this occasion being moved from Kerempuh Theater to Zagreb’s Bundek Lake. For a schedule of events and shows at Bundekfest this year see the full program here. Anybody who wants step into a basket and experience what it’s like to float up into the sky can check out the Zagreb International Balloon Festival schedule on Zagreb Balloon Club’s Facebook page here. Bundekfest lasts through October 5th.


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