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Bubi ice cream coming back after winning Retro competition

Popular Croatia confectionary brand Ledo has held a competition to bring back one of their legendary ice creams to freezers around the country. 

Three once popular ice creams – Njofra, Bubi and Top Mix – battled it out in the RETRO competition with fans voting which ice cream they wanted back the most. 

(Photo: Ledo.hr)

More than 70,000 ice cream fans have spoken and the result was announced today with Bubi taking out a close contest. Bubi, which was a childhood favourite in the 1990s for many with its chewing gum flavour, will now return soon to Ledo freezers. 

(Photo: Ledo.hr)

Ledo says they are extremely pleased to see such a great response and interest in the retro competition. 

“Although the fight was extremely close, the product that consumers have eagerly awaited for many years won, which confirms our long tradition and continuous quality that consumers recognise and remain faithful to Ledo products,”said Stela Ilijas, Assistant Director of Marketing and Development. 


(Photo: Ledo.hr)

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