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Buba Bar – First Cafe in Croatia to Hire Staff with Down Syndrome

Buba Bar (Bubamara)

Buba Bar (Bubamara)

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched today in Croatia with the aim of opening the first in cafe bar in the country to employ people with Down Syndrome.

The Bubamara Association in Vinkovci in eastern Croatia are needing to raise 10,000 USD to make Buba Bar – the first cafe to employ people with disabilities – a reality.

“Our mandate is to improve the quality of life for the intellectually challenged, and to evolve the Croatian societal views and acceptance of these individuals into society”, Bubamara said as they launched the project.

Their vision is that Buba bar will give young adults with disabilities the possibility to live their lives just like every other person and enable them to be able to have their own job.

The Vinkovci Council has recognised the potential of this social entrepreneurship project and have provided a 500m2 space in the city center for the bar. The space needs adaptation and furniture and the non-profit organisation have turned to crowdfunding to raise the proceeds.

“Buba bar will be the best coffee place – coffee served with a special smile. We all have the right to work, for Domagoj, Marija, Alen, Ivana and Dario it has a special meaning. For them, Buba bar means a dream come true and a big chance to show how much they are willing to work and be treated as equal society members.”

Since its launch this morning nearly 40% of the target has been reached with nearly 4,000 USD donated.

You can check out the campaign and donate here.


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