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Brač’s Megalithic Park

megalithic park

Looking for something to see whilst on the island of Brač, then why not check out the Megalithic Park…

Brač’s Megalithic Park is built from the island’s famous stone blocks. The stone blocks, which come from two quarries near the village Gornji Humac, weigh between 500kg to 8 tonnes. The park includes the Megalithic Circle, which symbolizes the Solar System moving toward 13 star constellations in the Milky Way, a stone ball, stone pyramid and a Dalmatian Cairn with Belvedere Megatlith.

The 800-square-metre park is situated at the foothill of the island’s highest point, Vidova Gora hill. It’s half way between the Bol-Murvica road and is surrounded by pine-tree forest.


The park, which is designed by Sam Semir Osmanagich, is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Entrance is free and If you wish to visit park with the owner, you can arrange it in advance here.

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