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Border Police Arrest More Illegal Immigrants

More and more illegal immigrants are attempting to enter Croatia. Police have been kept busy with a spout of illegal foreigners attempting to enter the country in recent months and they had their work cut out this weekend when they made 51 further arrests.

All 51 men arrested (21 from Afghanistan, 11 from Syria, 5 from Mali, 4 from Eritrea, 2 each from Somalia, Burkina Faso, Libya and Sudan, and 1 each from Senegal and Guinea) in the Vukovar-Syrmia county in eastern Croatia have been detained and banned from entering Croatia whilst procedures are put in place to have them sent back to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina where they initially came from.

Police in the Vukovar-Syrmia county made over 1700 arrests in 2012. With the most illegal immigrants coming from Afghanistan (368), Syria (151) and Somalia (73). In 2011 they made 1114 arrests.

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