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Book Reading Going From Bad To Worse

In 2011 one in three people bought books, in 2013 one in five are purchasing books. “Soon we will not even print books,” say book publishers in Croatia.

Only 48% of Croatians in the last year read at least one book, which is 8% less than the previous year. Just 19% of citizens purchased a book in the last 3 months, dropping from 31% in 2011 according to the results of a large GfK survey.

The results of the survey confirm that book purchasing is rapidly on the decline, a concerning statistic for the nation’s publishers. “If this trend continues we will not have any new books soon,” said chief editor Seid Serdarevic to Jutarnji list.

“It is clear we are going from bad to worse. If we are to believe that reading books is something civilisation should cherish then its a worrying fact that  52% of Croats did not read one book last year ” said Miso Nejasmic.

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