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Blonde Jokes: Stereotype Exhibition Opens in Zagreb

CroatiaA woman’s place is in the kitchen, blondes are not the sharpest tool in the box, Germans have no sense of humour and the Scottish are tight with their cash, are just some of range of stereotypes which have dominated society in recent times – now an exhibition has opened in Croatia showcasing such stereotypes.

The ‘Blonde Jokes: Stereotypes we live by’ exhibition opens today (22 October) at the Zagreb Ethnographic Museum with stereotypes presented through billboards, videos, texts and museum pieces.

“Although they can be positive in terms of simplified images when a child learns about the world around them, stereotypes are usually negative, so the exhibition will focus on those negative ethnic, gender, racial, and social stereotypes”, said the exhibition author Irena Kolbas. adding that as stereotypes change throughout history and social development, so will the exhibition during its duration.

“We want people to become aware that they live in a world of negative stereotypes which can be broken down only by learning, education and learning about others, said Kolbas. The exhibition runs until next May.


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