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Biggest Croatian Čvarci Producer Set to Export to Australia

Čvarci (Photo: Frelimo)

Croatia’s largest čvarci producer is set to enter the Australian market.

Frelimo, who is based in Samobor and is the largest producer of the Croatian pork scratching čvarci, this week won two Superior Taste Awards in Brussels by the International Taste & Quality Institute for their čvarci.

The company, which sold 45 tonnes of čvarci last year, already exports to the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovenia and Belgium, and are now set to expand into Australia.

“80% of our products are for the Croatian market, whilst the remaining 20% are exported around Europe but that is changing quickly. In 2017, our exports grew by 40% compared to 2016, and this year we are planning for even greater growth,” Miroslav Mataušić from Frelimo told Novac.hr.

Miroslav Mataušić from Frelimo with the two awards in Brussels this week (Frelimo)

Frelimo was established in 2003 as the continuator of the successful butcher tradition of the family business and is solely focused on the production of čvarci.


“We are the biggest specialized Croatian manufacturer of these products. We are the forerunners of the trend of the return to the original diet of our ancestors – authentic, simple, without harmful additives or artificial colors and preservatives,” Frelimo states.


Once a cheap rustic countryside specialty, the pork scratching čvarci has become an expensive delicacy today in Croatia, and also now fetch high prices abroad as well.

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