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Biggest Business Deal Ever In Croatia Done

Croatian company Đuro Đaković will, from next month, be ready to produce and sell the most advanced military technology which does not yet exist in the world: an armed station that costs 2 million euros.

Norwegian company Kongsberg, one of the largest in the world and who only last year had an income of two billion euros, has chosen the Croatian company to be its partners. The contract, which took over 400 days to negotiate, is reported to be the most important business deal ever made in Croatia.

Đuro Đaković engineers will get Kongsberg’s secret drafts and know-how for the production of the most modern remote-controlled armed station, the Protector Medium Caliber RWS 30 millimeter caliber. Next month, at a Croatian military station, live ammunition shooting from the remote control station will take place.

Under an agreement with Kongsberg, Đuro Đaković will produce the station and integrate it into a vehicle. Ultimately, the potential buyer would be delivered a complete vehicle with all the combat systems and communication systems, the customer can order a vehicle of their choice, which will be installed with a 12.7 millimeter firing station and a 30 millimeter cannon, and if necessary, an anti-tank missile Javelin, reported newspaper Jutarnji list. The Croatian state is the largest shareholder of the Slavonski Brod based company with a 46 percent share.

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