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Big Diaspora Support for Croatia in Brazil

With more than a half a million Croatians living in South America, Croatia is not expected to be lacking support in the stands in Brazil next summer at the 2014 FIFA World Cup…

Croatian fans from the homeland may struggle to make the expensive trek to Brazil, but there will be no shortage of red and white checks in the stands thanks to an expected rush for tickets from Croatia’s diaspora, mainly in North and South America, and Australia. With more than 350,000 Croats in Argentina, 120,000 in Chile and 12,000 in Peru and Brazil, the Croatian FA is expecting huge interest from there, as well as North America and Australia when tickets go on sale.

“With regards to our experience, we are expecting bigger interest from Australia and North America than South America,” said Nikša Martinac from the Croatian FA.

Traditionally FIFA allocate around 8% of the stadium capacity to each playing federation, but more Croats are expected in the stands come Brazil. (pic: HNS)

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