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Best of Croatian Radio No Matter Where You Are


The best of Croatian radio

Thanks to the modern technology’s amazing ability to offer us the chance to stream a huge variety of the world’s radio stations via apps like TuneIn and Streema, we can now get closer than ever to experiencing the best of Croatian life no matter where we are.

And so here’s the very best Croatian radio stations, so that you can experience the wonders of the Adriatic all from the comfort of your home.


If you’ve ever been to Croatia, then you can’t have missed HRT Broadcasting. As the nation’s public service broadcaster, it hosts a massive range of radio programmes designed to cater to just about every kind of audience.

With three national and eight local stations, HRT provides a regular slice of Croatian life with HR1 offering news and current affairs, HR2 providing the latest in Croatian pop music, and HR3 giving exposure to classical music and radio drama.

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Private stations

However, away from HRT there are also some great private radio stations to enjoy that all can add a little Croatian spice to your day.

In particular, Narodni Radio offers a great range of local music, topical chat and current affairs from its based in Zagreb. Whereas Otvoreni Radio provides a selection of top global hits, along with fun features and stories from around the nation that all serve to provide a Croatian feel-good factor.

For those seeking a little local flavour, then Radio Kaj covers central Croatia and for over 25 years has been offering some great local features including coverage of the traditional Krapina Festival, as well as in-depth coverage of current affairs around the Dubrovnik area.

Whereas if you’re looking to hear what’s going on around the Dalmatian region, then check out Radio Dalmacija for some local Croatian talk on the issues of the day. The station also provides the usual blend of world pop music hits, along with some more regional music as featured on their weekly Adriatic music charts – well worth a listen if you’re looking to get back into the Croatian spirit.

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