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Best Employers in Croatia in 2015 Named


Footwear firm Deichmann, global logistics company DHL and software designers Infinum were the winners in the 9th annual ‘Best Employers in Croatia in 2015’ awards announced today…

Organised by leading employment agency MojPosao, more than 3,000 employees took part in surveys, covering such things as employee loyalty, work organisation, work conditions, and interpersonal relations.

The title of best large employer in Croatia in 2015 went to Deichmann. The footware firm ousted dm-drogerie markt chain from the number one spot they have held for a number of years in Croatia. Hotel company Jadranka were in third spot.

Shipping company DHL International won best employer in the category of medium-sized employers, ahead of electric super car manufacturers Rimac Automobili in second place and Degordian advertising agency in third.

Infinum software design and development company was named the best employer in the category of small companies. Mireo, who produce global automotive navigation systems for smartphones, personal navigation devices and in-car infotainment systems, were second, and software developers Acceleratio were third.

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