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Bel Village – Zagreb ‘Beverly Hills’ officially opens

Bel Village (Photo: PRiredba Studio)

The new luxury subdivision Bel Village, located in Croatia’s capital Zagreb, has been officially opened. 

The complex located in the upmarket Zagreb suburb of Mlinovi near the foot of the Sljeme mountain features 14 luxury villas and has been tagged the Zagreb Beverley Hills. 

The luxury smart villas are designed in three different layouts which include an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, spa room, sauna, rooftop terrace and fitness areas. 

“This unique luxury villas suburb has been designed by the famous architect studio Chapman Taylor from London, are equipped with the most modern equipment of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, and are located at a top location, all of which make life in Bel Village a golden experience,” said investor Sven-Uwe Ernst at the opening party.

Bel Village (Photo: Bel Village)

With a swimming pool, relaxation room, a rooftop terrace and built-in lifts, Bel Village has all the luxuries waiting for tenants in the hilly area of Mlinova, which is just three kilometers from the center of Zagreb.

The Bel Village project has been a long time in the making. Originally known under the name Mlinovi Hills, it was finally completed after Ernst, a German national who fell in love with Croatia got on board. Ernst built the Bel Etage luxury apartments in Split. 

Investor Sven-Uwe Ernst (Photo: PRiredba Studio)

The villas sell for over a million euro each. Photos from the official opening below.

(Photos: PRiredba Studio)


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