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Barroso Gives Croatian TV Interview Ahead Of EU Entry

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has gone on Croatian public television network HTV on Saturday night where he has said that the benefits of Croatia’s EU entry are great because it will have an equal say in decision-making at the EU level.

Barroso, who is in Zagreb for tonight’s EU entry celebrations, said that financial support would be on its way for Croatia’s regions, agriculture, investment, and the environment. When asked about the problem of corruption, Barroso said that Croatia had made some progress during accession negotiations and that work would be continued on that front after Croatia’s accession by Croatian authorities. The EU Commission President also praised Croatia’s progress in economic, social and reform terms.

With 8 EU nations currently enforcing labour restrictions for Croatians, Barroso was quick to point out that the seven-year maximum period a nation can close the door on Croats will pass very quickly.  When asked about Angela Merkel’s snub of celebrations tonight in Zagreb, Barroso would not comment, but said that Merkel was very committed to the EU enlargement process and was in support of Croatia joining.


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