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Bagel & Lobster Barr Opens in Zagreb

First bagel dedicated place in town (Photo: Bagel & Lobster Barr)

There are lots of new options around Zagreb when it comes to food. New places have been popping up around the capital over the last 12 months.

Another new concept opened its doors on this week and it is already proving popular.

Bagel & Lobster Barr, located at the same address in town where Taco & Burger Barr was at Jurišićeva 2a, is dedicated to the famous bagel and offers a number of tasty combinations.

(Photo: Bagel & Lobster Barr)

On the breakfast menu are bagels which can be topped with poppy and sesame seeds, salt, garlic, onion or other spices and served with either a salmon spread, butter, or scrambled eggs and ham.

(Photo: Lobster & Bagel Barr)

Bagel and eggs (Photo: Lobster & Bagel Barr)

On the lunch and dinner menu there are a variety of bagels, including with fresh cheese and marinated salmon, roast beef bagel sandwiches with broccoli and cheddar cheese, prosciutto cotto & brie cheese with pear and raisin chutney.

Bagel with broccoli and cheddar (Photo: Lobster & Bagel Barr)

Bagel with chutney (Photo: Lobster & Bagel Barr)

There are also veggie bagels with mozzarella and vegetables. Plain bagels and also sweet bagels are also available.

(Photo: Lobster & Bagel Barr)

Along with bagels, a range of options with lobster in street food style like lobster rolls is on the menu.

Lobster roll (Photo: Bagel & Lobster Barr)

There are also salads, fries, wine and cocktails on the menu.

(Photo: Lobster & Bagel Barr)

Check out more on their Facebook page.


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