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Bagel + Krafna = Brafna – Zagreb bar presents new snack

Brafna (Photo: Bojan-Haron Photography)

10 March 2019 – Over the last couple of years there has been somewhat of a boom of new food places opening up around the city of Zagreb. New places have been popping up giving locals and tourists a lot more options these days.

One of those places was the Bagel & Lobster Barr, which opened exactly a year ago downtown at Jurišićeva 2a. Dedicated to the famous bagel, Bagel & Lobster Barr has been serving up bagel sandwiches with a number of tasty combinations.  

The bagel sandwiches (Photo: Bagel & Lobster Barr)

The menu includes bagel combinations like scrambled eggs and ham, fresh cheese and marinated salmon, roast beef with broccoli and cheddar cheese, prosciutto cotto & brie cheese with pear and raisin chutney. 

Bagel + Krafna = Brafna

This month, Bagel & Lobster Barr created a brand new product, combining the bagel sandwich and krafna (donut) and calling it the brafna. 

Brafna (Photo: Bojan-Haron Photography)
Brafna (Photo: Bojan-Haron Photography)

The brafna come in different flavours, including lemon curd and pistachio, peanut butter & jelly, which includes peanut butter and homemade blueberry jam inside with a chocolate glaze and peanuts on top.

Peanut butter and jelly brafna (Photo: Bojan-Haron Photography)

“Hybrid creations are nothing new. We have the cronut, a combo of a croissant and donut, the cruffin, which is a croissant and muffin and the duffin, which took the best parts of a donut and muffin,” Journal.hr writes. 

Brafna (Photo: Bojan-Haron Photography)

You can check out the brafna for yourself at Bagel & Lobster Barr in downtown Zagreb at Jurišićeva 2a. 

(Photos: Bojan-Haron Photography)

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