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Austrians Sell OMV To Hague Acquitted General

The company of a former Croatian general, who spent 7 years in a Hague jail before being acquitted in 2011 for war crimes, has purchased the Croatian subsidiaries of Austrian oil and gas company OMV, writes index.hr.

The Vienna-based company will pull out of Croatia, leaving Ivan Cermak’s Crodux Plin company to take over ownership of OMV Croatia, which includes 62 gas stations. In February 2004, Cermak was indicted by the ICTY and brought to trial in the Hague on war crime charges. He was acquitted of all charges by the Trial Chamber in 2011 and released immediately.

OMV entered the Croatian market in 1992, and with 62 gas stations they have around 13% market share in Croatia. The price Crodux Plin paid OMV has been kept secret.

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