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Australians to Take Unique Croatian Tea onto World Market

caj_za_grickanjeAustralian company Global Franchise Partners (GFP), which has worldwide partners in over 30 countries, are set to take a unique fruit tea from Osijek onto the world market…

Brothers Miro and Darko Šarić caught the attention of the Australian global players with their fruit tea product ‘Carletti‘ – a tea with chunks of fruit in it. Miro got the idea whilst travelling abroad and came back to Osijek to produce the product with his brother. The drinkable and eatable tea, which is served in cafes all over Osijek and in Zagreb, has chunks of apples which rise to the top, and berry fruits which stay at the bottom of the cup with liquid tea in between. The tea comes in four different flavours – cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, and cherry with vanilla.

The brothers say that in the tea bag, which contains the pieces of dried fruits, there is no chemistry, and that is what attracted the Australians.

“One of their conditions was that production was top quality, with raw materials from a certified origin, and us observing strict production processes,” Darko told Glas Slavonije.

GFP, who visited the Osijek production plant, have over 100 years of combined experience in the franchising, mergers & acquisitions and international business sectors.

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