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Art exhibition by 3 Croatian authors opened in London


LONDON, 10 August 2019 – An art exhibition by three Croatian authors has opened to the public in London’s Camden Image Gallery on 28 July, in the presence of the local Croatian community, including the Croatian Embassy Consular Mr Domagoj Rogulj and many London-based art lovers.

The three Croatian authors are Academic artist dr.art. Dragana Nuic- Vuckovic, Academic sculptor prof. Nikola Vuckovic, both professors at the Art Academy at Mostar university, and jewellery art designer Fani Nuic, who currently lives in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

With their diversity and sensibility towards art articulation, the trio NVN have  demonstrated their unique piece of work and techniques such as Collage, 3D sculptural jewellery and printed Digital Art.

There were more then 30 art works exhibited creating an unique opportunity to experience three different personalities, whose art work may be different at first glance, but somehow connected by shared creativity impulse and they certainly do co-exist very well.   

Collage work by Nikola Vuckovic has been created in parallel with his core work as a sculptor where the artist creates unusually dynamic and simplistic compositions. Unusual fashion accessories by Fani Nuic – jewellery made by 3D pen technique were inspired by Nikola’s collage work. Relief necklaces are more then just fashion accessories – they also have sculptural dimension defined by line forms of oval or square shapes. Digital art work by Dragana Nuic-Vuckovic has the roots in her older paintings and is created in Adobe Photoshop. By smartly applying variety of digital tools, her original paintings undergo transformation, yet she remains committed to her core childish (infantile) style.  

The exhibition was organised by Camden Image Gallery and supported by Mr Ivo Nuic. It was openned by gallery owner Mrs Elena Chimonas. 

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