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Are Lemons the New Gold?

CroatiaIs the humble lemon, used for so many things in the kitchen, the new gold? According to a report from Croatian radiotelevision, in Croatia it could well be…

The average price for a kilo of lemons just over 4 months ago was 9 kuna (1.17 euros) tops, today you can expect to pay up to 29 kuna (3.80 euros) for a kilo. There are less and less local Croatian lemons available at the markets, with the majority sold imported from Spain.

“These are 26 kuna a kilo (3.40 euros), far too much,” one morning market shopper told Croatian radiotelevision in front of a stand of lemons at a Zagreb market.

“Because lemons are not prescribed anywhere as an essential consumer good or falling into a social category for price where it is a product that is a must for survival, the price is determined solely by the market. Agriculture analyst Stipan Bilic said.

It is not just the price of lemons rising rapidly, inclement weather has effected honey production this year with around 280 million kuna (37 million euros) of local honey lost this year causing prices starting to sky-rocket.

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